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Facade and entrance Inside the coffeeshop Inside the coffeeshop Sitting area
Rozemarijnsteeg and facade Inside the coffeeshop Sitting area The big table


Hasj & Wiet

Hash & Weed

At Joint Venture we have an extensive range consisting of weed, hashish and pre-rolled joints. You can also come to us for related products such as filters and rolling paper. We do not sell edibles or moonrocks.

Eten & Drinken

Food & Drinks

Do you have the munchies or a dry mouth? You can come to us at the bar for a snack. We sell cold drinks and there is a wide range of cookies, candy, chocolate and chips.



Play old skool (board) games! You can do this with ease at Joint Venture. We have a cabinet full of games that you can borrow. You can see a 'small' selection on the picture presented above.


1990 - 1995

Joint Venture opened its doors in May 1990 and started as an art gallery in the Munterstraat. The former office building was decorated with paintings and later also with sculptures. All this could be viewed while smoking a joint.

Toen kon je nog echt aan de bar hangen

You could buy hashish at the counter, which at the time was also a work of art itself in terms of shape. The weed followed shortly after. The interior consisted of lounge sofas and plastic garden chairs. The white marble tables were already there at the time. At this time, the age limit was 16 years and you had to ring the bell before the door opened and you could go inside. A few years later, the doors opened to the public.

De witte marmeren tafeltjes waren er toen al!
Kunstgallerij onder het genot van een jointje

1995 - 2000

In the 90s, there regularly were private parties, such as during Christmas and New Year's Eve. Similarly in 1996, regular friends of JV gathered together for a pleasant evening with good food and lots of drinks.

De palmboom gaat ook al even mee ;)
Een stukje interieur op de achtergrond wat men nu nog kent

There were also regular performances of a stand-up comedian and live music among other things. In 1996 the German band called Joint Venture played live at, yes, Joint Venture.

Stand up (sit down) comedian was present

In the same year of 1996, the age limit was also adjusted from a minimum of 16 years to the minimum of 18 years, which is still used today. In 1998 the entire interior was rebuilt to the state what it still looks like today. The balustrade has been thoroughly rebuild due to the arrival of the large game table, the carpet has been replaced by laminate flooring, the plastic chairs have been replaced and the entrance has also been refurbished considerably. The art gallery has always remained and expanded with all the images and paintings that we now also see in Joint Venture.

2000 - 2010

Even before the millennium, tournaments were regularly organized, but especially in this time it was taken care of seriously by the Arnhem Domino Association "2x nix".

Grinder dominotoernooi

Due to the smoking ban since July 1, 2008, we are also obliged to offer staff a smoke-free space to work in. Given the limited space we have inside, it has been decided to close the staff in a non-smoking area and to let the customers smoke through in their original smoking room. The bar has been given a whole new shape since the renovation in the summer of 2008.

2010 - present

The tournaments have stood still for a few years, but have been picked up again during this time. In addition to domino tournaments, chess tournaments are also organized regularly. The interior has been brightened up here and there with some extra paintings and the refurbishing of the wooden game table with checkers and chessboards. The bar has finally been finished with a beautiful panorama poster behind plexiglass and thanks to the arrival of smartphones, the antique Photoplay became obsoleted and has been removed. The outside walls were refurbished at the end of 2017 and in the following spring the side of the building in the Rozemarijnsteeg was brightened up with a beautiful commissioned work of art by Arnhem Art.

At the moment we have some new plans that will soon be the subject of a new report. To be continued!


House rules

  • Access only for persons of 18 years and older.
  • Identification is mandatory for everyone; at our request, every visitor must be able to show a valid ID (per 1-1-2005 , every citizen of 14 years and older is required by law to have a valid ID in his pocket).
  • Only the following identification documents are valid: passport, identity card and driver's license.
  • We will call the police when false identification is found. After this, access to the coffeeshop is also denied.
  • Maximum duration of stay is one hour.
  • (Domestic) animals other than dogs are not permitted.
  • No calling is allowed inside the coffee shop (so neither on the toilet nor on the stairs).
  • All forms of aggression, annoying or offensive behavior, discrimination with regard to culture, race or sexual orientation, sexual harassment and any other form of sexual violence will not be tolerated.
  • Possession, use of and trade in weapons, hard drugs and / or alcohol is strictly prohibited. Upon discovery, access to the coffeeshop is denied.
  • It is strictly forbidden to recruit other guests for a job, project and the like.
  • Since 1 April 2020, it has been prohibited to smoke tobacco in the coffeeshop.
  • We do not tolerate resale, not in the shop and not in the vicinity of the shop. The same applies to resale to minors. Upon discovery, access to the coffeeshop is denied.
  • Consumptions are settled immediately; a consumption is mandatory; bringing your own consumption is not permitted.
  • It is not allowed to film and / or photograph within the coffeeshop without explicit permission.
  • It is not allowed to be with more than one person in one toilet and / or to use toilets that are intended for the opposite sex.
  • We can choose not to sell soft drugs to visitors who've already had too much to drink or smoke.
  • The management reserves the right to refuse access to (too large) groups.
  • We use camera surveillance. Everyone who enters the coffeeshop agrees that video recordings will be made, which can be made available to third parties after irregularities or accidents.
  • We are not liable for loss, theft or damage to clothing or goods.
  • Complaints and disagreements are resolved by our staff. If you disagree with something, report this to an employee. The instructions of our employees must be followed at all times.
  • Visitors may be asked to show the contents of their bags and pockets. When refused, it is assumed that one of the house rules is being violated and the police will be notified.
  • If you violate the house rules and / or provoke or instigate a violation, you can be removed and if necessary a report will be made to the police.


Hash & Weed

Some people smoke weed, others smoke hash. It’s just what you prefer most. But what’s the difference? A bud of weed is nothing but the dried flower top of the female hemp plant. Hashish, on the other hand, is obtained by shaking the resin off the flower tops and then compressing it into a block.

Many people feel the difference between smoking hashish and weed. Some people say that weed makes you feel “stoned” and hashish make you feel “high”. Other people experience it the other way around. In the end, it completely depends on the THC and CBD levels of what you’re smoking, which has effects on your body and mind. This is different for every strain, but in general hashish is slightly stronger than weed grown in the Netherlands (weed grown outside of the Netherlands is often less strong). In addition, the effect of hash and weed also depends on you personally. For example your state of mind, but also your expectations and previous experiences. What’s also a factor is how much food and drinks you had before you consumed weed or hash.

Sativa & Indica

You’ve probably heard of the terms sativa and indica when talking about weed, but what does it mean? It’s not always clear whether the weed you buy is sativa or indica. Basically all strains of weed today are hybrids, due to the countless mixing and matching with the plants since humans started growing it. Often, one of the species is more dominant. Indica-dominant species are generally somewhat more compact and have a stronger scent than species that are mostly sativa. Indica strains often have higher levels of CBD. Sativas have higher levels of THC.

If you want to sit back and relax, you need an indica. Indica provides physical and mental relaxation and has a calming effect. Perfect for lying on the couch watching movies all night. If you don't want to get too sleepy and want to stay a bit more awake, sativa is the one to go. This species of weed gives you an energetic and creative boost, the munchies and maybe you can’t stop laughing. It mainly has a mental effect and if you smoke too much you it is possible that you start hallucinating. Hopefully this helps you with choosing your weed.

Risks & Effects

If you are planning to smoke (especially beginners!) it is always a good idea to eat something in advance. When someone faints during or after smoking, most of the times, it is because he or she hasn’t eaten. Another cause may be you using it simultaneously with other drugs or alcohol. When smoking a joint, you can get various positive and negative side effects. There is a small chance to go bad on weed or hash just itself. It’s possible you feel sick.

Using weed and hash strengthens your feelings, both positive and negative. It also influences your perception and your imagination will be limitless. Everything is funny and you will have the munchies. But you also can suddenly start to feel very anxious. If you're not in a good mood that day, it might be a bad idea to smoke weed. Chances are that your mood will only get worse.

During and after smoking (and other ways you can consume weed and hashish) your short-term memory, responsiveness and concentration deteriorate. The latter two are also the reasons why you’re not allowed to participate in traffic under the influence of hash or weed. There’s a greater chance to cause a traffic accident, especially if you’ve consumed alcohol too.

If you smoke weed or hashish, it can slowly damage your respiratory system, like tobacco. Usage can also cause your fertility to deteriorate. It’s possible to become addicted to smoking weed, often because you experience it as a habit. It can get in the way of your daily activities. But it doesn’t make you desperately wanting more or heavier drugs. Sometimes, if you smoke too much weed, it’s possible you get into a psychosis. If you are pregnant or have just given birth, as with alcohol and other drugs, you should not use weed or hashish.

Job openings

To strengthen our dream team, we are immediately looking for a new part-time colleague! We prefer a student, but everyone may apply for this job opening!

Are you / do you have:

  • 21 years or older
  • Man and / or woman
  • Living in the immediate vicinity of Arnhem
  • Flexible, hospitable, motivated, reliable and independent
  • Affinity with the products
  • Not been in touch with the police (criminal record)
  • At least the Dutch language skill (other languages would also be nice)
  • Good math skills

What can you expect?

  • Minimum 2 workdays per week
  • A small but super fun team
  • Working independently in a relaxed environment
Denk jij het beter te kunnen dan deze?

Do you feel like this is something for you?
Then please fill in the application form via this link. Or come visit us for an application form and ask for more information at the bar.

ATTENTION! The data you enter in the form is stored in our own database, but also in Google's. For more information, read our privacy declaration.


We would like to hear what you think about coffeeshop Joint Venture.
Do you want to share your opinion with us? You can do that via this link.
Thanks in advance!

This is what others already said:

Atmosphere & interior: Cozy, comfortable and tropical
Friendliness: 5/5
Enough knowledge about the products: Yes
Quality of the products: 8/10
Price / quality ratio: Good, it is the right quality for an average price. And it is worth it in combination with the atmosphere in the shop!
Points of improvement: Nothing!

Atmosphere & interior: Cozy decor and a pleasant atmosphere
Friendliness: 5/5
Enough knowledge about the products: Yes
Quality of the products: 8/10
Price / quality ratio: I always ask the person behind the counter what's best and it always looks good
Points of improvement: No actually not

Atmosphere & interior: Atmosphere is perfect!! Not many weird people. Interior I think it's ok. Nice and spacious
Friendliness: 5/5
Enough knowledge about the products: Yes
Quality of the products: 8/10
Price / quality ratio: As long as I can enjoy smoking and being with nice people, the price doesn't matter to me. I smoke grit so I can't complain about quality ^ _ ^
Points of improvement: I miss the packed lunches ;)

Atmosphere & interior: Nicely decorated shop with a lot of good people
Friendliness: 5/5
Enough knowledge about the products: Yes
Quality of the products: 8/10
Price / quality ratio: Don't care about the price, I like the atmosphere
Points of improvement: More different music streams

Atmosphere & interior: JV has a great atmosphere, a real living room feeling.
Friendliness: 5/5
Enough knowledge about the products: Yes
Quality of the products: 8/10
Price / quality ratio: The price quality is very neat, but the real reason why you come to JV is for the fun
Points of improvement: That you can pay by card but apparently they have already fixed that

Atmosphere & interior: Atmosphere is relaxed and super cozy and decor feels like home
Friendliness: 5/5
Enough knowledge about the products: Yes
Quality of the products: 9/10
Price / quality ratio: Good, good quality for a good price
Points of improvement: No


Joint Venture

Munterstraat 4
6811 GP Arnhem

ATTENTION! Joint Venture is located in the middle of the city, parking is not possible here. The closest parking places are underneath the station and at the ‘Blauwe Golven’.

Opening hours

Monday through Sunday: 10.00 am – 00.00 am

We are closed on Christmas Day (December 25th).


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